How might IKF assist your organization? Here are some deliverables that we’ve accomplished for previous clients. You can use these items as a springboard for determining how IKF might address your needs.



  •  Incorporated a client as a 501(c)3.

  • Wrote by-laws for a client.

  • Wrote a mission and vision statement and a tagline. 

  • Developed marketing materials to help recruit new Board Members, entice passive corporate partners, and cultivate other fundraising opportunities; deconstructed a client’s logo.

  • Created bio template for client; helped the organization create

       testimonials from their clients.

  • Developed the footprint of a case management tool. The vision is that a database would be created with basic parameters such as eligibility requirements for each partner.  

  • Refined and prioritized top objectives for a Strategic Plan outline.

  • Created Financial Plan Outline / Pro Forma.

  • Created presentation deck for pitching to prospective partners and clients.

  • Connected non-profit to board specialist to assist with board development.

  • Connected non-profit to tele-medicine. specialists to assist them in

       launching telemedicine program. 



  •  Researched ways to become a passive partner for contributions, and identified passive partners or events that are already in existence looking for a charity to support. 

  • Developed strategies for achieving financial sustainability via potential revenue channels. 

  • Assisting with planning fundraisers for multiple clients.

  • Developed a playbook for client’s internal use that assists client in fundraising.

  • Assisted non-profit in obtaining corporate sponsorships to help offset cost of fundraiser/awareness event


  • Gave client a “How-to” Book to run a youth Speech Competition.

  • Planned and coordinated the itinerary for a group of at-risk talented high school boys  to go on a trip to Washington D.C. Also measured 40 boys for blazers and collected 80 blazers for them to wear on that trip (and to keep).

  • Provided pro-bono tutoring for the above program’s at-risk talented high school boys.

  • Brought inaugural movie screening event to the Triangle to raise

  awareness of the non-profit. (This event can be replicated in future


  • Based on the client’s Strategic Plan, created a comprehensive Marketing Plan Template, including goals, timelines, creative ideas, and ways to measure success.

  • Created promo videos for fundraising and social media purposes, as well as for pitching to potential partners / board members / clients.

  • Arranged for highlights of client to be promoted on television, radio, and magazine with goal of recruiting new sponsors and attendees.

  • Planned and executed a local media blitz surrounding the organization’s 45th anniversary and their signature fundraiser. Secured five stories in Walter, Raleigh Magazine and Cary Magazine (online) and two separate stories in Midtown.

  • Assisted non-profit in reaching out to local businesses to partner with them to raise awareness of non-profit with the cross-purpose of driving clients to the businesses.

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