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See what our past clients have to say about working with us

Client Testimonials: Testimonials

"It was a pleasure to work with the IKF team. Horse and Buddy appreciates and supports the IKF mission to provide assistance to local nonprofits. We met great people, learned some great new approaches, built good camaraderie with the IKF board, and are very grateful for their time, effort, and ongoing support. Thank you so much!"

Horse and Buddy

“In Kind Friends did an INCREDIBLE job. I can’t express how much I appreciate your time and expertise. Your team has taken us to the next level and our board is so appreciative. Your work is going to impact us for years to come."

Erin Timmerman, Military Veterans Resource Coalition

"As principal at Northern High School (Durham, NC), I had the privilege of working with IKF in 2016.Because of their drive, creativity, and kindness, we were able to provide life-changing opportunities to dozens of students. I’ll never forget the chance to stand with dozens of young men on the Capitol steps as Congressman John Lewis shared his personal account of the Civil Rights Movement and speeches delivered alongside Dr. MartinLuther King, Jr.This experience and countless others were made possible by IKF. Because of budget challenges, our Young Men of Progress(YMOP), a leadership group for African-American males, had an uncertain future. I will be forever grateful for the relationship we established with IKF, as they helped to sustain our program.IKF facilitated and implemented a series ofACT prep sessions for YMOP students which were donated by a local professional tutor, and organized and ran a fundraiser in our gym in with basketball legend Phil Ford.This event raised nearly$8,000 and ultimately funded a 3-day trip to Washington, D.C. for nearly 25students.They helped with the trip’s logistics, including transportation, an educational walking tour, tours ofGeorge Washington and HowardUniversities, a celebratory meal at Carmine's, securing donated blazers for the young men to wear on the trip, and our memorable visits to theSupreme Court and Capitol steps.As our schools and students face crippling financial challenges in our state, IKF continues to be instrumental in securing various donated items for our school communities. I would highly recommend that any non-profit work with IKF. The ten IKF team members are uniquely qualified to elevate the trajectory of any organization."

Matt Hunt, Principal, Merrick-Moore Elementary School

"Working with IKF was an energizing and supportive learning experience. Together we refined and prioritized VolunteerAid's top objectives. IKF produced an impressive list of deliverables that included 1) researching round-up models and proposing strategies for implementation, 2) collaborating with VolunteerAid on creating a promo video, Strategic Plan, Financial Plan / Pro Forma, and a multi-purpose presentation deck, and 3) brainstorming logistics for several different fundraising strategies and potential revenue channels. Most of all, the IKF’ers are easy to work with, strive to be the best that they can be, and get the job done while having fun at the same time! I thoroughly enjoyed being an IKF client and feel fortunate to have gotten to know this dedicated team of women who want to make a difference with their talents and passion."

Robert Liberatore, Founder of VolunteerAid

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