We provide interim time and talent to Triangle nonprofits to amplify their community impact.



Each nonprofit we serve becomes a building block that positively extends our community reach year after year.



To strengthen nonprofits and improve our corner of the world by working together.


Time and talent are our currency; we are not a funding organization.


Our families are our first priority and we work to
include them in our philanthropic efforts.


We are free to modulate participation in IKF as our personal lives allow.


We focus on nonprofits that can benefit from, and propel forward with,

a short-term, intensive effort from IKF.


As a group, we have either a passion for or a growing interest in

the client we choose.


We challenge each other to continually evolve and improve for the

betterment of ourselves and our community.

Core Values

Intentional, Committed, Compassionate, Collaborative and Spirited


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