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Applications ARE Currently Closed

Please check back in early June for information on the application process.

  • What are some examples of how I can best use IKF's help?
    Some of our favorite projects are listed below to help illustrate where goals, skillsets, and buckets aligned beautifully and IKF helped amplify a client's impact (and everyone had fun doing it): One part of a client's strategic plan was to start a telemedicine program. In one short call, IKF helped to re-frame their existing thinking. The program launched pre-COVID, and the client was ready when the pandemic hit. Another client knew a $10K grant was up for grabs - all that was needed was a winning, 5-minute video submission. IKF crafted a fresh, heartfelt script, suggested the scene/backdrop, and layered in existing footage. The client won! One client had already gone through a rebranding exercise. IKF amplified that work by brainstorming tag lines, suggesting ideas for social media, and contacting media outlets. Another client was interested in a media blitz surrounding a 45th-anniversary event. IKF worked with local media contacts to garner placement in Walter, Midtown and Raleigh Magazine. Several clients have requested an increased social media/digital presence. IKF's response was to create mini arsenals of 30-60 second video clips that served to support donor engagement and to thank volunteers, donors, and stakeholders. One client had already secured a venue, a caterer, and a speaker for their fundraiser. IKF amplified the event and impact by making suggestions and organizing an additional fundraising activity. A recent client needed help with a board refresh. IKF created a board assessment questionnaire and subsequent board matrix to assess which skills and qualifications board members already possessed and identify existing “holes” that needed to be filled by new members.
  • What types of things does IKF prefer not to do?
    It is also valuable to give examples of work we do not do: We are not a funding organization. Our work is strictly in-kind. We do not replace volunteers. Tasks that are necessary to run a nonprofit - stuffing envelopes, making donor calls, etc. - are best done by a nonprofit's volunteers. We do not write strategic plans. IKF can help implement portions of a strategic plan if it's a good fit for our skillsets and interests, but the plan writing is best done by a nonprofit's Board or a hired agency. We do not provide operational assessments. IKF is able to look at an existing operational assessment and potentially help if a specific portion is a good fit for our skillsets and interests. We neither serve as nor recruit Board members. IKF recognizes the often-ubiquitous need for Board development and recruiting and believes this work is best done by the current Board or a hired agency.
  • What is a "qualified" organization?
    A qualified organization is one that is a 501(c ) 3, or is in the process of obtaining this status, and serves the citizens of Wake, Durham, and/or Orange County. It may be a state-wide organization, but it must be headquartered in one of those three counties.
  • Who does In-Kind Friends serve?
    IKF serves nonprofits that are headquartered in AND serve Wake, Orange and/or Durham counties. If your organization does not meet these criteria, then we are unable to accept your application. Thank you for your time and interest in IKF! ​
  • What is your typical client work cycle?
    May 30: Call for Applications June 13: Application opens (closes after 15 qualified applications are received, or on the close date, whichever comes first) July 13: Application Closes Early September:  Semifinalists Notified September 10: Semifinalists Virtual Meet & Greet with IKF Board Members. Should your organization move to this stage, you will have a 45-minute Virtual Meet & Greet between 8a - 3p with IKF Board members. September 16: Finalists Notified Early October: Client(s) Notified Oct - Dec: Statements of Work and internal IKF teams defined Jan - June: IKF executes agreed-upon Statements of Work First Week of June: Wrap up
  • Do I have to be a certified non-profit to work with In-Kind Friends?
    IKF serves organizations that are a 501c3, or are currently in the process of obtaining this status. If your organization does not meet this criteria, we are unable to accept your application. Thank you for your time and interest in IKF! ​
  • How long does the application take?
    When it opens June 13th, the application will take approximately 30-45 minutes. To help you prepare, we have provided a downloadable preview of the application so you can review it beforehand. We will consider the first 15 qualified applications.
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