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How Might IKF Assist

your Organization?

Check out our deliverables for previous clients and use them as a springboard for determining how we might address your nonprofit's needs.


From medicine, marketing, and law, to media relations, finance, and ergonomics - and nearly everything in between - the diversity of IKF careers (and/or our collective skillset) has allowed us to successfully tackle an array of client goals. Years of experience have provided the perspective necessary to create a list that represents the best use IKF's pro bono time and talent:

  • Make meaningful, human connections

  • Amplify a strategic plan's objectives

  • Create branding videos 

  • Assist with logos and branding

  • Roll up our sleeves and work with a client's population

  • Develop marketing materials

  • Create Bio templates

  • Cultivate testimonials

  • Launch telemedicine programs

  • Develop marketing plan templates

  • Write taglines and Mission + Vision statements

  • Consult on and execute media relations

  • Create event and fundraising playbooks

  • Work to launch movie screenings

  • Assist with fundraisers

  • Cultivate a passive partner list

  • Navigate corporate sponsorships

  • Create an arsenal of 10-40 second video clips for use with social media

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